Sunday, February 28, 2010

The big week

Well, let's see.... Sunday I dragged all my kids to church. They were having a kids program during the regular time. I thought the kids would like it more. But I guess they are still pretty young. Of course all Sienna wants to do is talk and be in charge. Having to sit and be quite while other people were in charge was pretty hard for her. She lives a hard life you know....

Monday was BORING! It snowed. All. Day.

Tuesday is my day have fun my BFF. I call it my day off. We usually shop. Its fantastic!

Wednesday is bible study. I skipped and took a nap instead. Naughty.

Thursday I went to my mom's store to help out. Got a lot done. I am going to try and actually QUILT there next week. Unless my mom wants me to do something else....

Friday we had to drive into town to get formula... in nasty weather. But we made it.

So in short the week was BORING!!!!! But then Saturday came.... My good friend April organized a blood drive for a friend. Her friends daughter needed bone marrow. So it was a combo blood drove/bone marrow registry drive. So I towed all my kids there (it was in a daycare so they played while I donated. April watched them) and signed up. This was the first time I have donated. It was interesting. The questiones they asked were pretty intimate! Then you have to pass an iron test. WHich the nurse was 'surprised'. Why I'm not sure... Maybe it's the DEEP DARK circles under my eyes! Hey give me a break I stay home with 3 kids 3 and under! So then I had to sign up to be a bone marrow donor. Then I went to give my blood. Now my veins are deep and they roll. And when I say they are bad I have stories about needles and IVs that would make your toes curl and run away. So after giving the poor nurse my pep talk and pointing out the best veins for her she proceeded to get my arm ready. She wanted to use the vein that always hurts because there is a nerve there. But it was the best vein I guess. Whatev.... Well, she missed. Then she poked around. Hit the nerve about 3 times. Finally decided to stop. So they asked if I wanted to try the other arm. I was like sure.... I'm already here. While I am thinking about poor April watching my little monsters.... So they tried again. And they got it! After a little poking that is. So they took my blood. It feels good to help.

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