Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My day

Well, we have been having a glorious day here. It is in the high 60s and I am loving it! ALthough I can only love it from the inside of my house. There is no play equipment out for BAB yet and I am not taking a 2 year old, a 3 month old and a newborn to the park. It is only 2 blocks, but I did that yesterday with a friend and LP screamed the whole way back. I am going to try and keep what sanity I have left.

LP has a parental visit with her biomom tomorrow morning. I am dropping my two other minions off to my moms and then after I drop LP off to the DHS I am going shopping....... ALONE. I know I am as shocked as you. Ok, i must confess, it is just grocery shopping. But non the less it makes me giddy. I will be able to LOOK at something for more then 3 seconds at a time. WOO HOO! I might even get to go to more then one store........ whoa...... I'm getting a little lighted headed....

Also the sleep gods must really love me because I got all three of my babies to sleep at the same time today. BUT LP and LM were in cohoots last night to never let me sleep. LM didn't go to sleep until 11pm then LP woke up at 12:30am then, LM woke up at 3:30am then LP woke up at 5:30am and then LM woke up at 7:30am. The whole night was a blur. I was lucky if I remembered which one to whip a boob out and which one to give a bottle!

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