Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have to take LP to DHS to have parental visit tomorrow. Last week her biomom sent some clothes for her. So being the nice person that I am I decided that I was going to put her in an outfit that she sent. Unfortunately they smelled like smoke. I can't stand that smell. I treat all foster babies/kids that come into my care like they are my own. Whether they are here for a week or forever. I would not put clothes that smell like smoke on my child. So at 9 o'clock at night I decided I needed to wash them so she could wear them. My washer and dryer are in my nasty basement and I make it a rule to not go down there. But I had to if I wanted to wash the clothes. So I put my muckers on and head down into the great unknown. I silently pray that no boogie monsters (aka: bats) get me. I also tried to get my big dog to come down with me and she refused........ panty waist...... Anyways, I make it down and start some laundry. As I am headed back I happen to look at the floor. What do you think I saw? Mushrooms. Mushrooms were growing in my basement! I almost fell on the floor laughing until I realized were I was.....

(not the ending you were expecting, huh?!?!?)

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