Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New house

We put an offer down on a house yesterday. We need to move out of town! Our neighbors are horrible! As I've blogged before they have chickens that get on our porch and crap all over it. And that is just to start out! They are drug dealers, all there kids smoke, there is always nasty young men hanging around the house, there is always screaming and yelling coming from the house, they have a defunct van in the back yard that they use as a tool shed, they leave dead deer carcasses out to rot, I have called the police on them twice for domestic disturbance, and I think I could go on for ever so I will quite now. So we decided that we need to get out now that we have 2 girls. So we put an offer down on a house that we have looked at twice now. Once a couple of years ago and then just last Saturday. It has 12 acres of land, on a lake, ranch with a walk out basement, 4 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms, 3 seasons room, enclosed porch, attached garage, and a huge room above the garage. We are really hoping to get it. It is a a good deal for 2 reasons 1.) they want out bad. I believe they are trying to move to Arizonia? and 2.) it is a buyers market in the state that I live in. Anyway, I can not wait to hear. They are supposed to get back to us by tomorrow.

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Have you heard anything yet?