Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back by popular demand

Ok not really...... But I am back. So I had my baby on Jan. 10th. It was a quick delivery as I had to have an emergency c- section due to the baby's heart rate being naughty. But everybody is alright. She had very good agar tests so she is just fine. More about that later. So much to catch up with!

So BAB's biomom signed off as I posted before. The next hearing has been moved up to the middle of Feb. to terminate all rights to all biofamily members. After that she is up for adoption. Her case will be moved to an adoption worker. I am not familiar at how that works. So it will be a new experience for everybody. But I will keep everybody updated.

Pilot has been home since Jan 1st. I am really glad he is here to help me. I just hope I don't strangle him before he goes back to work. OK, not really, but you know how it is to be with someone for so long...... He has been a big help though. I can't complain to much.....

OH OH OH OH funny story. At Christmas we had Pilot's immediate family out to have Christmas. I happened to be out to the gas station when he arrived. I usually put Shiela in her crate at first when people come because she gets a little protective and tends to ummmmm...... be a little aggressive. Nothing overly bad thus far, but just likes to show people who's boss. (BTW we have really been working on this since she is not boss!) So anyways, Pilot does not put Sheila in her crate. So when Pilot's dad came she was doing ok until he bent down to pick up BAB. The old man got a nip on the butt! I thought it was funny. He is man of shall we say questionable character so it was funny to me. Then we had Pilot's grandparents(Paternal) over for a visit with the new baby. We told them the story. And she says 'Must be she(the dog) is a good judge of character.' His own mother said that! BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

OK, enough for now. I will try and post later. I will do a whole post on the birth day and the new moniker name for the baby later.

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Anonymous said...

Hello--that was a cute story. Glad to see you have updated. I did also today.

Talk to you soon!!