Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So I think I have mentioned on the past that BAB has some eating issues. She will eat until she pukes. She begs for food now. It is really quite sad. She signs more and says "mo. mo. mo." And she says it in this really sad whiny, pouty face like she hasn't ate in days. It is always a scene when we eat out and when she has an audience because she thinks they will give her more food. Unfortunetly for her they usually do. I have had to get strict with her about begging for more food from people. I have had to get strict with people giving her more food as well. They think she will stop like normal toddlers do when they are full. Or they think its "funny" that a 2 and a half foot 20 month toddler will eat a whole banana, 2 sausage links, piece of whole wheat toast and half a donut. I didn't think it was funny when she got home later and had acid reflux coming up into her throat all day. There is not a thing that I have given her that she has not vacummed into her mouth. She barely even chews it. I'm serious. I have given her salsa and chips. She wanted more. I have given her olives. She wanted more. Although I gave her a nutrigrain bar for a snack the other day and she threw it down and screamed 'no!' I looked at her like she had just split in two and out came an alien. She proceeded to pick it back up and eat it. And all was right with the world. Today I was at a friends house. My friend was blowing bubbles. We were trying to get BAB to blow them. She kept trying to EAT the bubble stick. BAB got ahold of the bubble stick while my friend and I were talking and proceeded to put it in her mouth and suck on it. We took it out immediately and she very seriously asked "mo. mo. mo." She wanted more soap!!! I repeat there is nothing that I have given her or not given her that she will not eat! When we told her she couldn't eat the bubbles she threw herself on the floor and screamed. *sigh*

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