Friday, February 15, 2008

Coming around

Ok, the new name is........ Little Miss. She is so prim and proper. Always a good little girl. She has a very small angry hour around 9-11ish at night, but then again she is a girl. (and my daughter!) So I will tell you the story of the birth day of Little Miss.

Pre note: We were to go to the hospital that morning at 6:30am to induce labor.

I was laying in bed after getting up less then 2 hours before. It was currently about 2:30am. I was feeling contractions, but nothing that hurt. I was half asleep wondering if maybe I should get up and time them. Then all of a sudden a small gush of water started seeping out. I thought to myself. "Ok, I guess I will get up now!" I rushed to the bathroom and was trying to decide if my water really did break. after a few minutes it really started gushing. So I yelled to Pilot

"Pilot, I think we need to go to the hospital. My water broke."

Pilot then yells back " Can't we wait until 6?"

After biting my tongue I said very sweetly "No, honey, I don't think we can" as I am stuck on the toilet.......

So he gets up and says "Do I have time for a shower."

I was like "No!"

Ten minutes later he is still in the bathroom (after his shower....) and I have gone through 3 pairs of pants waiting for him. I open the door to see him SHAVING!!!!!!! "What are you doing!"

"I have to shave!"

"I am going out to the car now." 5 minutes later and a soaked towel I am honking the horn. He finally gets out. "What were you doing?"

He says "Turning off the lights you left on." I gave him the stink eye.

So we get to the hospital and start checking in. I change in to the ever attractive hosptial gowns and get all hooked up to the doohickeys and thingamajigs. The nice nurse informs me that the babies heart rate isn't looking to good. I was like alright...... what do we do? SO they moved me this way and that way. The babies heart rate would go down after my contractions which is bad I guess. They called the doctor in to check. She said to wait for awhile and monitor it. Then she broke my water in the right place because it apparently was broke on the side. After that I went into immediate hard contractions 1 minute long and 2 minutes apart if I was lucky. It has horrible. I know every woman goes through it... Blah, blah, blah. So I got an epidural immediately. After that her heart rate was really bad. The nurse suggested that the doctor might do a c-section so Pilot immediately called my sister, his mom, and his sister-in-laws because there was no way he was going to make it 2 feet from the door of the OB room! My sister came in first and I told her what was going on and then Pilot's mom and SIL's came in. So they called the doctor back in and she said that we had to do a c-section. Nurses of all kinds swarmed my room. I had about 20 nurses asking me questions about this and that. They made me take my contacts out so I couldn't see Little Miss when she came out. That baby was out within 30 minutes of the word c-section from the doctor. GG came in to the OB with me since she is a nurse. I figured she would be the best one to come in. Little Miss came out just fine. The doctor made a good decision about the c-section. Everybody was healthy and beautiful. I have been told I looked like a Hot Mama. I think that person was also being nice! I did have a fever the first day and a little of the next. I think that it was just that I was trying to do to much. I mean I had been in labor and my water broke at 2:30 in the morning! So that is the story I guess!


eternaldamnation said...

He took a shower?!

leslie said...

yeah.... he took a shower. *shakes head and rolls eyes*