Friday, January 4, 2008

Still no baby

Well, I am due in 2 more days. I am ready to pop. In fact I thought she was going to last night! Pop out that is. I have only had braxton hicks contractions since New Years day. They should really call it false hope! Dirty rotten stupid contractions...... But anyway, last night she was pushing out every where. I felt like that lady from Alien the movie or whatever it was. I showed Pilot and he was like 'Does that hurt?'. I was like 'No, it kinda tickles'. (insert dry sarcastic look here) 'I'm reduced to a heap on the chair when she hits my sciatica because I am laughing so hard....' OY!

My friend and I are going to a coffee house this morning. I am contemplating what I can get to get this baby out! I drink coffee most mornings so that won't help. Maybe I could eat something healthy....... :)

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