Wednesday, November 28, 2007

much to catch up on

Well, let's see....... BAB is doing sign language like its her job. Her 'vocabulary' consists of eat, more, all done, drink, help, and please. Drink and please are the newest. When she gets the hang of those we will do thank you. She is doing really well with them! When she gets mad because she can't do something (most of the time) she will sign help instead of screaming. I enjoy this much better! She also says some form of each word as well. Although you would have to have the BAB translation bible to understand this.

Her eating issues are going much better. I have seen much improvement. On Thanksgiving she did very well. I was impressed. She didn't even throw a fit when we were all done. Although I'm sure it helped that she saw her little cousins playing with out her!

Still no word on how the termination is going. I'm not surprised. I'm sure the social worker is doing everything she can. Everything will happen when it needs to. I'm not stressing at all.

I am now 34 weeks pregnant! YAY! Everything is going good. I have been getting leg cramps at night and a little heartburn. Nothing I can really complain about though. I am a little uncomfortable, but nothing unmanageable......yet! Christmas is a little daunting knowing that I will be very pregnant for all the celebrations. But I will be fine. I can only do what I can and if some people don't agree then that is their problem. (not that I am anticipating anybody having a problem)

I will leave you with this-

Pilot, my brother in law and WEW went to the planetarium to look at stars. It was a Christmas program for kids. He was very nervous when they got in the seats and had to hold both of their hands. When all was said and done they walked out of the building and WEW says just as if this was normal-
"Oh, we are back on the ground."
He thought they were in a space ship!!!!! He is so cute!

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