Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm firing myself

So this weekend was full of tragedy and mishaps. As I was driving BAB to day care Tuesday I said outloud to no one in particular that I was going to just fire myself. And yes, it was that bad.

First off, one of my very good friends went to her 20 week ultrasound and found out her baby had died. I was beside myself for her. How terrible to find out that way. It scared the crap out of me for sure. I'm here for you if you are reading this, very good friend.

Then on Sunday I dropped my new phone in the TOILET! I mean seriously! I had to put my hand in the TOILET to get my phone!!!!! UGHHHHH!!!! It stopped working. Then that night it would turn on, but I couldn't push any buttons and I couldn't hear the other person talking. BUT the next day it started working alright. Thank God!

THEN on Monday I stopped at my grocery store to pick up a few items I needed. I was all alone. No BAB to distract me.... I left my wallet in the cart in the parking lot. The store was less then helpful. I went back to try and find it and they were even less helpful. I was not happy and intend to make a complaint. Anyways, so my dad and I searched the whole parkinglot, the trash cans, every cart we could find to no avail. I was so mad at my self! Not only was there ALOT of money in my wallet, but my licences, credit cards, my insurance card, BAB'a insurance card, and alot of information in general! My social security card was not in there though so that was good. So I had to cancel my credit card, my debit card, get a new driver's license (which ccost me 10 bucks!!!!), and not to mention all that money!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Then Pilot decided that he is going to farm (all his extended family are farmers) all day on the days he has off. So I have been with BAB for about 2 weeks straight without much of a break. We are getting on each others nerves. I woke up Tuesday morning at 5am with BAB because that is when she thought she should be up..... grrrrr..... She has started to be opstinent. That is she is not throwing fits all the time she just decided that she isn't going to do something and she will sit on the floor and eventually just lay down. No crying nothing. She will just decid that she is done. Also she will not help put her coat on anymore which is already hard to begin with. SO now I am stuffing a very limp 18 month old into a coat. Its not fun. I barely made it out of the house with out it coming to drastic measures.

So I quit. And thats that.

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eternaldamnation said...

Oh sheesh. You need a massage!