Tuesday, October 30, 2007

feeling better

Well, we are all feeling a little better. I'm still hacking a little, but not to much. I am well on my way to recovery. BAB is feelng much better too. We are all finally sleeping through the night and having good nap times. I am even taking naps! My house has imploded due to me napping instead of cleaning, but who cares! BAB had a little bout with some asthma issues, but no bronchitis! So her lungs are slowly getting better. I'm so happy! Hopefully she will grow out of it all together. I've heard that it could happen. Got my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is Halloween. I always have my friends and their little kids out to have a little fun. I have snacks and hot chocolate ready for all. Its fun. I will have to send Pilot out with BAB to trick or treat. I don't really like it anyways. I like to yell at the rotten teenagers that come trick or treat with no costumes. I mean seriously! I even had one girl (at least 16 years old) ask if I would give her candy for her grandma that was driving the car to each house! That was just wrong on so many levels!

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