Monday, April 23, 2007

What a day

My great Grandpa died last Saturday. He just turned 100 years old. He has been living with my grandma for over a year. She took it pretty hard.
I'm not sure how, but I've managed to futtel through my grandma's "simple" computer question. So they think I'm the geek squad..... Anyway, I've been put in charge of finding and down loading the song 'This ole'house" by Stuart Hamblin. Well, after a hour search I find out he was the composer....... Rosemary Clooney sang it. Not only did Rosemary Clooney sing it she sang it in 20 different versions....... I coldn't pick so I downloaded 4 different versions so they can pick which one they like. (Oh brother)
And......... I cleaned the house because the Social Worker is coming over tomorrow. I have been getting behind since Bug a Boo (foster baby) came, much to Pilot's(my husband) chagrin. But I am finished. Bug a Boo is in the crib. Still not sleeping. She likes to play a little before she sleeps. Whatever.

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