Monday, April 30, 2007

Weird Dreams

Last night I made Pilot sleep on couch because he hogs the bed and I get no sleep. In the middle of the night a weird thing happened. When I was about 2-5 yrs old I would sleep walk and talk...... alot. I would have whole conversations with people! Anyway I remember this happening last night like I was awake but it obviously doesn't make sense. I woke up and started panicking because I couldn't find BAB in the bed (She is never in our bed accept for play....... sometimes). I started throwing the blankets off the bed and ran out to the couch and woke Pilot up shouting "I CAN'T FIND BAB, I CAN'T FIND BAB!!!!!" He's all like "What?!?!? Isn't she up stairs?" This went on for a couple more rounds. All of a sudden I realized what was going on. It was like I was sleep walking, but I wasn't. It was weird and I never want to do it again! Poor Pilot thought the house was caving in!

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