Sunday, April 29, 2007


Poor BAB....... Among having breathing problems and having to do a nebulizer every day, she has acid reflux. She has to take zantac twice a day. She likes to eat and try new things as per any baby at this age. I think after she stops eating it probably hurts because she starts screaming and crying. But if you didn't know that you would think she was hungry. You would not believe the looks I get when people see this. I would seriously not be surprised if someone called social services on me! If I was looking at myself I would think 'that lady is starving her child!' However I would like to say that she is quite "meaty". There is no starving of the baby. She gets 2 food meals and 3 bottles a day. On the flip side when I'm not around people give her to much food because she acts like she is hungry when in reality I think she knows it feels better for her to eat. However in the long run she is miserable. She pukes up and is obviously not feeling good since she cries alot and has a hard time getting to sleep. I know these people are just doing what they think is right. I guess I need to be more assertive on what she needs and when. This is all new mommy stuff for me. *sigh*

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