Monday, May 9, 2011

catching up

I think my funk is over. Well, starting to maybe. I think it is the weather. Finally feel human after a long winter blah. Sigh........

So the short of the long- I don't eat gluten anymore. Tested for Celiac and it was negative. Either way it makes me sick. Oddly enough the most irritating symptom is I feel drugged/drunk when I eat it. Don't know why, but I do. So out of my diet it goes! I am not lactose intolerent, but still get sick when I eat it. So out that goes too. I have a hiatel hernia, ulcerative esophagitis and barrets disease. Basically severe acid reflex has caused ulcers in my esophagus and also barretts disease which is precancerous. The acid reflux was for the most part silent. Until recently... So I am on a restricted diet. Also I would like to loose weight which would help all of the above.

So on to more interesting things... :) Sienna is almost 5. Lanna is 3 and Ruby is almost 2! BAH! The time does fly. Sienna will be going to kindergarten this fall. Lanna will not be going to preschool until next fall as her birthday is in January. Randy still works at the airline. I still stay at home. Except for when I go to my mom's shop to 'work'. :) I have been making baby quilts for some cousins that are going to pop at any moment. And some that are still baking. It has been fun!

OK tata for now!!!

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