Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So the summer begins

Well, it was finally blazing hot today. YUCK! But I guess it is going to rain for the next forever so I sucked it up and went outside. Tomorrow is Sienna's last day of school. Sad. Mostly because now Sienna and Lanna will fight all day instead of only after noon. Le sigh.....

I planted 24 broccoli plants yesterday. Woohoo! I plan to freeze and eat them all summer. I bought some onions and potatoes to see how they went this summer. My plan is to plant and put up enough veggies and fruit for the whole winter.... eventually. If I can't plant something I will buy them local and put them up. I like have my own stuff. You know?

I have been making myself and my mother take a bike ride every night. I need to loose this weight!

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