Monday, May 7, 2007

Racoon VS 4 grown men

Pilot was out late last night helping my dad move stuff from his mother's house. So I went to bed with out him. He came in yelling "Hey, Hey, there's a baby raccoon out there everybody is looking at with a flash light." So I get my clothes back on and walk out to see 4 grown men standing around looking at this little defenseless baby raccoon the size of a baseball mitt. They were all scratching their heads saying "I'm not touching it." He was screeching away for his mother. Apparently the mother fell out of a tree across the road. So..... I went to my garage got a 5 gallon bucket. I scooped him up and brought him across the road to the tree where his mother fell. Laid the bucket down and let the poor little imp crawl out and climbed up the tree. The 4 grown men were all like "Hey can it crawl up a tree?" I was like "Uh, Yeah." I guess it takes a woman sometimes.........

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