Tuesday, August 17, 2010

canning and sleepy eyelids

So tonight I canned 4 pints of Bruschetta in a Jar and 2 pints of Dilly Beans. I only did a few Dilly Beans because I wasn't sure if I liked them. No use in making a ton if nobody will eat them. I also froze 3 quarts of green beans. I have been trying to decide what to do with all the green beans. My mom wanted me to plant them and she is already done with them! I am the only one that likes them here. I canned a bunch for a friend. Then I gave a bunch away. Then some went to waste.... BAH! There is going to be a bunch more in a couple of weeks. I hate wasting! I want to just rip them out so my tomatoes have more room since they are basically on top of them now! Which speaking of tomatoes I have a TON! And they did great this year. I am not sure why I have the luck with tomatoes, but I seem to. So I plan to make speghetti and pizza sauce again this year. And I was thinking maybe some tomato soup.... or just plain tomato sauce. And also I have to do just some plain old yummylicious stewed tomatoes. Lip smacking good! Tomorrow I will try to freeze some zucchini, can the tomatoes I have left to do, and make/can garlic dill relish. Do you think I can do it? (neither do I!)

The gaurdian at lidem is (the lawyer for the foster boy) is coming tomorrow. I may have to run to Hastings' to get a piece of paper signed AND go to Ionia! Busy, busy, busy!

Also I just ate a piece of chocolate cake. Was it good? Oh yes! Am I going to be sick? Definitely. Do I care? NO! Am I going to care in about 15 minutes? Absolutely.

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