Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wiki Wednesday

I am going attempt this. I am not a huge sewer. But my mom does own a quilting shop... so I better get going on that sewing thing!
I attempted to make a blanket today. Now I can sew. I can sew a straight line. I can even thread a sewing machine. And if you have ever tried then you know it is not always easy. But today I attempted minkee. What a disaster! It was so slippery that it slipped right on out from it. Then it was so stretchy and whatever that it kept making it be different sizes. Then I had to put Tear Away on it so it wouldn't slip. Then the Tear Away wouldn't tear away. Then I had to cut it... OY!!! I didn't get to finish it because I had to take Sienna to the doctor because she had an ear infection. But there is always tomorrow!
In other news, I am trying to get Ruby to sleep on her own. As in fall asleep on her own. It is not going so well.

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