Monday, March 1, 2010

I escaped!!!!

I went shopping all by myself! I got groceries. But it is the fact that I got out of the house BY MYSELF! Thank you Randy for catering to me!!!

In other news my eyebrow has been twitching for the last uhhhh.... well.... let's see..... 2 months! I am so not kidding. It is getting on my last nerve. I am sure it is stress. Which is the stem of all my problems. I wish I wasn't so stressed. A lot of people have way more stuff to deal with then me. Oh well...

In other other news, Lanna is a big MOMMIES GIRL!!! She is attached to me. Which I love. Don't get me wrong. But sometimes it really breaks my heart! And sometimes I just want to cook dinner and not have to hold her too! OK, so I really don't do that. But I put her to bed last night and had to leave her in her crib screaming "MOMMY" and grasping me. I almost cried a little. And I don't cry. Well. Usually.

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