Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Alive!!! (revisited)

I have missed bloggy land! So many times I have said "I should put that on my blog." But then everytime I sit down I have a baby, child and/or FOOD in my hand. But I found a moment!

Things I have learned this year.

1. I can change a diaper in the dark. (not poopy)
2. LOVE nap/bed time.
3. Being puked on is better then changing and cleaning 3 sheets a day.
4. I am addicted to farmville.
5. drive through pharmacies are the BOMB. (yeah you read write... the BOMB)
6.Putting Dora on the TV downstairs = very much peace and quiet upstairs.
7. I LOVE my baby sitter/housekeeper. She does my laundry. Nuff said.
8. Children's cold medicine works just as good if you take double the dose.
9. I am in favor of no more Christmas parties during nap time.
10. I despise dieting.

There you have it. My 12 days of the new year.

1 comment:

-SPW said...

Cuteee.. I love the thing about being puked on.

I got puked on one time when Lolo was really small and went up to find I was just plain out of clothing to put on...I found a solution..

Hubby came home that night and I said to him... "I found a way to get lolo not to puke on my clothing anymore.."


Me: I just wear yours.