Friday, September 12, 2008

Molly homemaker continues

I made homemade pizza sauce and, sit down, canned it myself. I have also canned tomatoes and beans this year. And have froze corn. I will have more tomatoes to can in the future as well. My mom and I planted a garden this spring. So we will have a lot of tomatoes still. My mom likes green beans so we will be doing more of those to.

LP has been not sleeping well at all lately. I am hoping that it is a phase. I am also hoping that it is not another ear infection. Mostly for the fact that it is Friday and I don't want to end up in the ER with a screaming cranky baby. I think I may have slept about 4 hours last night..... maybe.

I will leave you with this for now- ( I had come in with canning jars and started putting them in the dish washer to be washed. I talking a mile a minute and laughing. And also it was about 1pm)

My mom- Ok, I want to know what new drug you are on.

Me- coffee. 4 Cups. (saying this very fast)

My mom- (Staring at me, eyes raised) Wow. (Goes back to snapping beans)

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