Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It all goes down hill from here.

LM is crawling. Everywhere! I can't contain the beast. She is everywhere and nowhere. She is silent, but deadly. Thank goodness the house is pretty child friendly already. Except our groat is coming up in our kitchen. It seems this is always a fun thing to try and put in your mouth. So far that is the worst. I am going to have to take all chokable toys downstairs as she is crawling into BAB's room now too. This is so exciting for BAB. She thinks it is great that she has a mobile play toy know. Me, not so much. BAB still lacks the finesse it takes to 'be careful' around a baby. Heck, she will take a header on the tile floor and get up laughing while she starts running again! Oh well, maybe I am doomed to have a bunch of roughians living in my house. Theres always hope with LP!

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The McNeill's said...

can you put some pictures on your blog?