Saturday, July 17, 2010


Summer is HERE! It is HOT HOT HOT! My tomato plants love it. I, however, do not. But I have AC and I'm good. This week Sienna went to her grandma's VBS. She is CRANKY today. I can not even tell you how naughty she is! I litterly had to put her and Lanna in 2 different rooms for fear they would hurt each other. OY! Now they are in 'nap' time. I highly doubt either will sleep since they are so wound up. Oh well, early bed time it is!

So recently (about 2 months) I have been sooo sick. Everytime I ate I would get sick. And, sparing all grossness, sitting on the toilet for and hour or more sick. So because I am stubborn I didn't go to the doctor. I looked on the all knowing Internets. :) I believe, and I actually was 'diagnosed' with this in highschool, I have IBS. If you don't know what that is look it up, because I am NOT explaining it to you! :) So far I have just been cutting put the 'trigger' foods. The list is this- Wheat, eggs, greasy foods, dairy products, sugar, and sugar substitutes. That leaves..... fruit and veggies. OK, well, a few other things. And I do have to say that I can have some wheat. Just not alot and even then I still don't feel the greatest. Eggs on the other hand I am just not sure about. I know they make me sick. I just haven't been brave enough to try them in small doses. Greasy foods are a no go all the way. Dairy products I have found that I can have a little bit of cheese. I may be able to have more I just haven't been brave enough to try! Sugar and sugar subs undeniably make me sick. I can have the natural sugar subs like honey, maple syrup, and others the like. But prolly not a lot at a time. I have been reading up on it and I am hoping that if I calm my guts down I may be able to eat some of this stuff in moderation. Otherwise I found a nice little website about artisian bread that I have been using spelt flour with and LOVE IT! This stuff is awesome! I recomend for anybody. There is even a gluten free version. Fresh bread every day.. Anyway, it has at least made me eat healthier which is what I should have been doing in the first place! I have lost some weight and I'm feeling better so I guess I shouldn't complain, right? :)

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