Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring is HERE!!!

What have I been up to? Getting some sun!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I have been busy, busy, busy!! Ok so sometimes I was making sure the couch didn't float away, but I needed a nap!

All is going well, ok over here. We have been dealing with er, uh, difficulties with our 3 yr old. Things like telling your Gr Grandpa to (and I quote) "shut your mouth" are not acceptable behavior. I know, I know I am so hard to please. And my middle is 2 yrs old. That should be all I have to say. Ruby on the other hand has been a peach. She is such a good baby. I have not been giving her previcid to see how it goes for a little while. I am not convinced either way. I will start giving it to her again and see if I notice a difference again. She is having problems sleeping but I could blame it on her teething... Who knows really. S

Ok, here is a conversation with my ever funny daughter Sienna.
Sienna all whiney - "I can't put my shoes on the right feet. I don't know how."
Me- Well you are going to have to figure it out. Your rain boots are in the car."
Sienna- "Can I get them?"
Me- "Sure"
Sienna- "Ok, I'll put my shoes on to go get them"
me - "hangs head"

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