Friday, April 10, 2009


I have been so busy lately! Haven't had time for the blog. But the kids are sleeping and I have a few minutes. WOOT!

I have 4 more months until little baby girl is born. I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!! Ok, so no really that bad. It just kinda hit me the other day! Everything is basically ready. I only have to get the dresser and crib ready. I basically have everything else.

I am going to a couple of shopping centers next weekend! WOOT! I am going with a friend and we are going sans kids and husband. I am sooooooo excited. I can hardly wait. There is a cutsie little strip of stores and then a BIG christmas store. Then in the next city over there is a GINORMOUS outlet mall. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A friend came over the other day and helped me make some letters to stick on the wall. They are
my kids' names. It's wood letters with scrapbook paper glued on top. Easy and fun. LOVE IT!!!! I need to go and buy some letters for the new baby. But I'll have to hide it in my super secret spot because it is a secret. I really don't know why..... That was Pilot's decision. I already told people anyways. Whatever.

I have tulips, daffs, and hydrangeas coming up!!!!! I need to buy some crocuses this fall and plant those so they can come up next spring. My cedum is starting to grow too. I think I have some irises that are coming out as well. I LOVE SPRING!!!!!!!

I have carpenter ants in my kitchen. They are driving me nuts. I went on a rampage yestreday and killed about 30 of the suckers. I think I made a dent. I need to buy something to get rid of them but I don't want toxic chemicals in the house because of the little ones. BAH!

Because Pilot is gone a lot I get mean, am able to entertain his out of town family while he is gone. This is not fun for me. Some family is ok, but some are not. We will leave it at that.

BAB is driving me nuts. She 2 going on 13. I can hopefully get her into a program for preschool this fall. She is going to be turning 3 in the summer. Some programs have a 3 year old program. She really needs it. This putting her personality in the best possible way- She is a born leader that is going to be a good boss some day. That is what I tell people. You can read into that how ever you would like.

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