Saturday, April 25, 2009

The day after

Well, I have a nice farmer's burn. I have subjected my one year old to skin cancer already. And my 2 yr old is very cranky because we are not going to the park the second she woke up. But LM and I were able to sleep in until 9am. BAB and pilot went to his grandma's for breakfast. A semi quiet house in the morning.

A little funny thing is going on with our kids. Of course if you have been following or already know us then you know that BAB is adopted and LM is our biological. BAB (almost 3 in a couple of months) wears 5t shirts and 2t pants. LM (16 months old) wears 18-24 months pants (not 18months, too short) and 2 t shirts. LM is actually about as tall as BAB. I think that she may even pass BAB in the pants area this fall. BAB is short and a little on the chubby side and LM is taller and lankier. I am taking bets on who will be taller this fall.

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