Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh what a morning

LM decided to keep me up all night for no reason. She woke up fussing ALL night! I got up with her gave her a drink and motrin. I had a cold and thought maybe she got it. I sat up with her a while and finally put her back down. I slept in a little unexpectedly. When I woke up BAB had taken all the clothes out of her dresser. AND everything on top of the dresser. She had broke a wicker basket we keep toys in because she had turned it upside down to stand on it. I was HOT! I am glad that she was not hurt, or the dresser did not fall on her, or that she didn't come out and get into worse trouble. Although I know I would have heard her if she had actually came out. She was being sneaky and quiet in her room. So needless to say how do you punish a 2 year old for taking all the clothes out of her dresser? GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

I am eating cheetos and coke already this morning and it is only 9:30. It is going to be a day!

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Summer said...

Girl - I've had one of those days. I actually had one of my children stack toys, climb onto the changing table, get the diaper rash cream out, smeared it all over herself and then ate it! All during nap time.

Some days, you just have to laugh!