Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the voices

Today I was on the phone with a friend. LM thinks she needs to say Hi to everybody so she immediately commanders it as soon as I put it down. Me being distracted by the computer ( I know great mom skills!) doesn't see this. All of a sudden I realize that LM took my phone and I have no idea where it is at. I text messaged me from my computer. Still didn't hear it. Looked through the trash since that is her latest trick. Still not there. I had my friend call me. Had my husband call me. Still I couldn't find it. I put LM to bed and kept searching. Then I thought what if it is in LM's room. So turned the monitor way up and listened for it to ring. Then the creepiest freakiest voice came through the monitor and I about peed my pants. Many thoughts went through my head at this point. 'OMG my house it haunted. The toys are haunted. My poor baby is in there.' And then realization dawned on me. It was the little bear in her crib saying the lord's prayer.... Hee hee.

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