Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baby boot camp

LP is going to go to Leslie's Baby Boot Camp tonight. She had been teething and has been sick for the last couple of months. This has brought on many bad habits. One of them being getting up ALL night. Last night she was up every hour to 2 hours. This has got to stop. She is in our room because she has been waking up all night and I don't want her to wake up LM who shares a room with her. Tonight, she is going in our 4th bedroom and I am not getting up to put a pacifier in every hour. If she is hungry I will feed her. But other wise she is just going to have to figure it out. Because she is almost 7 months. There is no reason for her to get up all the time. I can understand needing to eat at least once maybe twice. I am so tired. I need this sleep. I NEED this sleep.

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