Friday, May 23, 2008

ThE craZineSs coNtInuEs

Well, I was able to get away thanks to GG and TJ. I had a day to shop for clothes for Zoey and then I spent the night at a hotel with Pilot. That was very nice and rejuvenating. I got a bunch of clothes and toys for Zoey. Shopping therapy does wonders. I don't know what it is, but it works! I feel so much better that I can get stuff done around the house instead of sitting with a blank stare......

I had to take BAB to the doctor today when I got home. She had a cold. Which always turns into asthma problems. Always. So I went with BAB, LM, and LP. All of them. It was fantastic. Ok a little sarcasm never hurt anybody. Actually all of them behaved pretty good. LP was miffed because I woke her up, changed her diaper and her clothes..... and didn't feed her. So she pretty much cried the while way there. But we fixed it fast with a bottle. Long story short BAB has an ear infection and nasty cough due to drainage. I have 6 medicines for her. SIX! One- antibiotic, two- cough medicine, three- albuteral, four- pulmicort, five- zantac, six- singulair. Well she has been on the last 2 already. For Pete's sake. I feel like I am medicating the crap out of her! The good news is she is already feeling better. She hasn't been coughing like she was. And she is looking a little livelier.

In other news, LP may be leaving us. She may be going to live with a family member of hers. I don't like it. That is all I can say.

In other other news, we had to take LP to a cardio specialist. She has 2 holes in her heart. One will close, but the other will not. She will have to have surgery. They will not do it until she is 6 months unless she is having problems breathing. So we have a little while to go. She will be Ok until then.

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