Monday, November 9, 2009

The news

Well, I flunked my diet yesterday. But I am back on track today..... so far.

LC is 12 weeks old today. The time goes by so quickly. She is sleeping through the night now. Hence the being able to write more since I am not haggardly tired! LM is going to turn 2 in about the 2 months! I can't believe it! BAB is a typical 3 yr old. She is growing up so fast. Her face is looking more like a little girl and not a toddler.

LM and I were sick yesterday. We both had a fever and nothing else. This morning however my throat hurt. But I am guessing that it is from the new Plug In that I used. I am sensitive to smells. That makes me sound so dainty......:) I'm not.

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