Friday, September 11, 2009

Aaaaaaaalllllll by my seeeeeeelf.....

Ok that was lame.... I don't even know who sings that.... Ok I just googled it. Eric Carmen. Never heard of him. Interesting...

So if you haven't guessed yet, Pilot is gone for the weekend. So I am, as stated before, all by myself. I think I will be ok. So far not to bad. LC takes a pretty good nap in the morning. Then she will prolly wake up when I am trying to get the gets lunch of course! But we will have to work ourselves into a groove.

I have loaded the dishwasher and started it, vacuumed, and started a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The kids are dressed and fed. I am contemplating on weather to get the fall clothes out. The kids need the next size for sure. LM's little belly is starting to stick out! I am going to have to find some pants that fit BAB. Her 2t pants fit length wise, but are to tight in the waist. Maybe I will have to invest in a good seamstress.

The girls are doing pretty good with LC. LM wants to hold her all the time and BAB wants to mother her. So I have to hold them off with a stick. Both are jealous and want me to hold them too. Which is quite hard.

I still want to can a bunch of stuff this year if I can. I want some more tomatoes. Thanks to my friend Taiya I have some already! She was nice enough to can some for me! So even if I don't have time to do more I have a few. I would like to do some applesauce, peaches, and freeze some corn. I think corn season around here is almost done though. I might be to late. Oh well, I got a baby instead and that is worth it!

So Sheila puked yesterday. Pilot was so kind as to clean it for me. However, he used a concentrated cleaner on the carpet. It stinks. Sigh.... I have a bottle all set up for use. I have all the windows open trying to get the smell out. UGH!

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